From this moment on users can locate any objects that they see fit with a KEYCO LoRa® GPS Tracker via an App called “KEYCO Plus”. In addition, it allows the user to both observe position data over time or use this information as a trigger for different notification functions. 

Just as the product name implies, the KEYCO LoRa GPS Tracker does not transmit on the usual GSM network but instead uses LoRa network technology. The KPN LoRa network is covering the entire Netherlands. Though it is used to increase the efficiency of IoT devices. Furthermore, the advantages are obvious: the user benefits from a smaller product size and smaller weight which comes with a battery life that is up to six times longer than an identical standard 3G GPS tracker.

Routes taken by animals or fixed places of objects facilitate the definition of areas which will trigger a notification when entered or left. In addition, a KEYCO LoRa. […]

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