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NWCI has been very busy with the Local and European elections on May 24th, promoting our feminist vision for Europe and local communities. Before voting on Friday, check which European candidates have signed up to our #FeministEurope Manifesto. And make sure to look at our Local Election Manifesto and ask candidates questions about these issues when they knock on your door.

NWCI has also prepared a leaflet that explains why we are supporting a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum on divorce. Shortly after the election, join us for our AGM Morning Event – New Voices for Change. We will be inviting newly elected Councillors to hear from the campaign trail, discuss their leadership journey and vision for change.

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NWCI launched our #FeministEurope campaign in April and held a series of hustings events for candidates across the country in each constituency for the European elections. The events in Dublin, Galway and Cork were well attended and candidates were asked important questions from attendees on what they would do for women’s equality if elected.

Vote Yes for a more compassionate divorce process

NWCI is calling for a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum on divorce so that we can create a more compassionate divorce process for people who need it.

Vote feminist in the Local Elections

We are calling on all candidates to support our feminist manifesto for local communities and to actively promote women’s rights.

New Voices for Change – Our AGM Morning Event, 6 June 

We will be bringing together a diverse group of newly elected female Councillors to discuss their leadership journeys, the barriers for women to enter into politics and their vision for a feminist future.

The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill is here 

The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill introduces some important provisions and once implemented will contribute to a more open, transparent and balanced society.


May/June – New events coming up – NWCI’s Women for Change Project

Celebrating Donegal Women and 120 years of Local Government

An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC) Annual Community Partner Forum 2019

Social Inclusion Forum 


Celebrating the role of women over 120 years of Local Government 

NWCI marks 120 years of Local Government and women being able to vote and run in the local elections for the first time with a series of events and initiatives.

Perinatal Mental Health in focus 

We held our first Women’s Mental Health Network event in May, focusing on perinatal mental health.

Community Platform Election Manifestos 

The Community Platform has developed manifestos and materials to promote and support the delivery of positive social values in the upcoming elections.

Welcome to our new group member

NWCI is delighted to welcome our new group member Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform.

NWCI in the media

Over the last few weeks, NWCI regularly commented on key issues for women in the media. Here is an overview of the latest press releases.

Members’ News

Free support from NALA for women’s groups

NALA offers free supports for women’s groups facing health and financial literacy challenges


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