Dear CoverAGE reader,

In AGE June 2019 newsletter, you will learn more about:

  • the outcome of the EU elections and what comes next
  • older and younger people’s participation in the elections and voter preferences
  • the strategic priorities of the EU by 2025, as outlined in the Sibiu Declaration
  • the alarm raised jointly by AGE and other EU organisations on medicines shortages
  • how to better match European Social Fund, Life-Long learning & active ageing
  • older persons’ concerns on poverty & exclusion presented by AGE to EU Presidency & Commission
  • the challenges of inclusive growth in care and financial services
  • the joint campaign ‘EU4health’ calling for Europe to do more on health issues, and how you can support it!
  • health inequalities among older LGBT people in the UK
  • age-friendly environments in Poland
  • how ageism is becoming a major topic in gerontological research
  • the impact of new emerging technologies on the life of persons with disabilities
  • and more…

This month’s Special Briefing deals with:

European citizens have elected their new Parliament.
What comes next for older persons?


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