How safe is the air you breathe? From wildfire smoke to urban smog, ambient air pollution was responsible for over 4 million deaths in 2018. This is unacceptable – which is why we set out to create the safest, most comfortable breathing technology that also helps clean the atmosphere. Enter the B1 Mask.

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The B1 is innovative facewear that offers a balance between comfort, aesthetics, and supreme functionality. The lightweight design comes loaded with a cushioned facepiece, high-flow valves, swappable overlay styles, and the most efficient filters on the market – ensuring 99% protection all while keeping you cool and comfortable during extended use. Plus our filters require fewer changes and are shipped directly to you, helping you save money and reduce waste by almost 50% compared to disposable masks. But sustainable protection is only part of safer breathing. That’s why in addition to reducing filter waste, a portion of the B1’s proceeds will be used to support clean air initiatives.

B1 Mask at a glance:

•         Cushion seal for comfort and protection (Fit Factor above 100)
•         Supreme protection + extremely low breathing resistance (99% removal down to .1um)
•         Affordable, convenient filter replacement subscription
•         Swappable styles and patterns
•         Reduces filter waste by 40-50% and helps funds clean air initiatives

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