According to the latest employment statistics from Eurostat, the EU employment rate for persons aged 20 to 64 recorded its highest rate in 2018 at 73.1%. That’s a healthy percentage of people in work. 

With so many factors to consider – be it equality, bullying and conflict, or formalities like a pension – it is only natural many of those people in employment will question their work or workplace at some point.

But what are the most commonly searched workplace questions on Google, in different EU countries? 

This is something answered in their recent research. 

To achieve the data, inputted “how to” and “workplace” in the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEM Rush. The most common searches per EU country were pulled and analysed one by one. 

A selection of the most common workplace searches, in different EU countries, can be seen below:

Please note: ‘volume’ is the average number of monthly searches for a given keyword over a 12-month period.  


Highlights from the research: discovered in France, the most common workplace query is ‘how to improve leadership skills in the workplace’, which happens to be a shared sentiment with employees in Cyprus.

Workers in Spain and Germany want to know ‘how to create a happy workplace’, while Italians are asking ‘how to engage millennials.’ 

Ireland is attempting to deal with the much bigger issue of racism; in fact, 90 local people a month type this query into the Google search bar.

Other issues being questioned by the European workforce include ‘how to prevent discrimination in the workplace’ (Malta), ‘how to end sexual harassment in the workplace’ (Ukraine) and ‘how to ensure gender equality in the workplace’ (Turkey.)

Whereas employees in Albania simply want to know ‘how to survive’ at work.