¡Salud! Un irlandés en la Guerra Civil española is a critical edition, by Professor Alberto Lázaro (University of Alcala), of a text by the Irish novelist and activist Peadar O’Donnell originally entitled ¡Salud! An Irishman in Spain (1937). It represents one of the most endearing testimonies written by an exceptional eyewitness during the first months of the Spanish war. At the beginning of July 1936, O’Donnell was in Sitges, near Barcelona, where he had retired to write, when he was surprised by the military uprising. From the very beginning, he was involved in the revolutionary fervour that was taking place in Catalonia and he travelled to other parts of Spain, gathering his experiences in this book that is presented here for the first time in Spanish. The text also shows the great intensity with which this conflict was lived in Ireland, a country with a predominantly Catholic population, which would be divided before a war that involved the armed rebellion of a side formed by right-wing political forces supported by the Catholic Church, against a democratically elected government, but in whose ranks were anticlerical left-wing parties. O’Donnell’s text offers a fresh and clear vision of the first months of the Spanish war, together with a great number of anecdotes and curious episodes, sometimes narrated with a certain amount of humour and irony, which will not leave the reader indifferent. 

Author: Alberto Lázaro – alberto.lazaro@uah.es 

Series: Armas y Letras, published by Amarú Ediciones –


Enviado por José Antonio Sierra