Staying healthy and safe are the primary objectives of the Irish Osteoporosis Society while we all go through this current pandemic.

During this time we have focused on the importance of taking your prescribed Osteoporosis medication to help prevent fractures. We have also had a significant number of inquiries about the importance of Vitamin D not only for your bone health but overall health. We include additional information on Vitamin D and Calcium. The IOS also recommends getting appropriate exercise.

Keeping in contact with family and friends is important.  Most of all be kind to yourself. Maybe start a new hobby or go back to a pastime you loved now you have more time. Many people find gardening relaxing and we include more details about how you can garden safely.

Stay safe from all at the IOS.
Sunshine and Vitamin D
The current pandemic has highlighted the importance of Vitamin D in our overall health. Not only is Vitamin D essential for bone health, but it helps to regulate cell growth and the immune system. Vitamin D is vital for the absorption of Calcium increasing the body’s ability to absorb Calcium by 30-80%.  See HERE for more details. 
Exercise you can practice at home
The IOS provides exercise information and a short video about how to exercise correctly.  It is very important to try to maintain or build up fitness levels in a safe way if you are staying home for a long period.  See more information and the video HERE.
Continue to garden with raised flower bedsThe Irish Osteoporosis Society thinks that raised flower beds are one of the best inventions. They allow those who always enjoyed gardening to continue doing so, just in a more comfortable, safer way. See HERE for more details.
IOS Annual Medical Conference
We will be sending out information shortly regarding our Annual Medical Conference specifically for health professionals. Due to COVID 19, we are planning an online rather than a physical conference this year. More details to follow.

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