Spanish Property Insight News Bulletin5th of September 2020
Industry insiders say now is the time to buy property in Spain, whilst the Bank of Spain rules out a fast recovery for the housing marketLeft wingers in Andalusia say squatter problem is fake news
Quality property always in demand10 money-saving tips if you have to tighten your belt in Spain
Judge orders family of Spanish dictator Franco to hand over country house ‘El Pazo de Meirás’ in GaliciaPrime Global Cities Index in times of Covid-19: Madrid in the red zone, but it could be worse
The Declaration of Responsibility for the First Occupation Licence of a home in Andalusia
GBP/EUR news – Has the Euro grown too strong in the eyes of the ECB?
HolaBank ‘on-boarding’ facility lets you open a bank account online in six simple steps, from anywhere in the world

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