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«The Consequences Of Brexit For Spain«, Eurasia Review, 08 | 01 | 2021 – Reportaje (William Chislett, Senior Research Fellow, Elcano Royal Institute)…300,000 Britons are officially registered as living in the country (76,000 in 1998) at the latest count, the largest group of British ex-pats in Europe and the third largest number of foreign residents in Spain after Moroccans and Rumanians… The real number of Britons in Spain including those who are not registered and those that have property and spend part of the year in the country is put much higher, at 800,000. … Spain is looking more kindly on its British community than the UK on its Spanish one. Britons already living and working in Spain … do not need to prove their status. … UK citizens in Spain with either a residency card or the equivalent green certificate (issued before the end of 2020) do not have to do anything as these documents remain valid, though they can exchange whichever one they have for the post-Brexit third country ID (known as TIE). … Precise details of new reciprocal health arrangements are yet to be announced. 

«How the Brexit deal has changed daily lives of British residents in Europe«, The local, 07 | 01 | 2021 – Reportaje (Imogen Goodman)In the run-up to Britain’s exit from the single market, UK citizens have had to register with immigration offices or apply for new residency permits. People have had to exchange UK driving licences whilst many have through their own choice applied for citizenship of an EU country.  Less than a week after the end of the transition period, however, it’s becoming clear that Brexit is more than just an headache and hurdle for residency. Whether it’s sending a belated Christmas gift to relatives in Britain or picking up snacks from the supermarket, Brexit is already affecting daily lives of Britons in several small but significant ways. 

«How Brexit is delivering unpleasant surprises for Brits in Spain«, The local, 07 | 01 | 2021 – Artículo de opinión (Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain)…Sue Wilson considers that aside from the large-scale losses brought by Brexit – freedom to live and work across the EU – it’s the smaller losses that are now causing concern. 

«Boris Johnson boost: Brexit deal narrowly dodged expats from EU overwhelming NHS«, The Daily Express, 06 | 01 | 2021 – Reportaje (Kate Nicholson)BORIS JOHNSON’s last-minute trade deal with the EU may have reduced the risk of expats from all over the bloc returning to Britain for healthcare just as the NHS is at breaking point. 

«Los extranjeros compraron un 20% menos de vivienda en España por la pandemia«, La Opinión de Málaga (EFE), 06 | 01| 2021 – NoticiaLos británicos continúan liderando las operaciones, a pesar de la crisis sanitaria y del brexit. «

El Brexit y la tarjeta de residente suben el padrón en Benidorm que supera los 70.000 vecinos«, Información, 06 | 01 | 2021 –  Reportaje (A. Vicente) El municipio no superaba esa barrera desde 2013 cuando se llegó a los 73.768 empadronados – Los británicos residentes en la capital turística inscritos aumentan en los últimos años. 

«British residents returning to the Costa del Sol caught up in Covid-Brexit confusion«, Sur in English, 04 | 01 | 2021 – NoticiaSome Britons were prevented from boarding flights heading from the UK to Malaga, among other airports in Spain, after airlines refused to accept the green EU certificates as proof of residency. 

«Incertidumbre británica en la Costa del Sol«, El País, 02 | 01 | 2021 –  Reportaje (Nacho Sánchez)La amplia colonia malagueña procedente de Reino Unido reniega del Brexit, se siente abandonada por su Gobierno y teme futuros problemas. 

«Can I still retire to Spain after Brexit?«, The Daily Express, 01| 01 | 2021 – Reportaje (Georgina Laud)THE UK’s transition period out of the EU ended on New Year’s Eve, after 48 years as a member of the bloc. With Brexit done, some are wondering what this means for them. Can you still retire to Spain after Brexit?. 

«State pension in Europe: What will happen to payments as UK details Brexit deal with EU«, Daily Express, 26 | 12 | 2020 – NoticiaThe UK and the EU have agreed a post-Brexit trade deal, it was been confirmed this week, with the full document of the deal released … In a Summary Explainer on the GOV.UK website, they wrote: «Under the Protocol, the UK and EU Member States will be able to take into account relevant contributions paid into each other’s social security systems, or relevant periods of work or residence, by individuals for determining entitlement to a state pension and to a range of benefits. … The Protocol also provides for the uprating of the UK State Pension paid to pensioners who retire to the EU. … When it comes to healthcare, the British Government also shared details on what to expect. They said: «The provisions in the Protocol on Social Security Coordination will ensure that individuals who move between the UK and the EU in the future will have their social security position in respect of certain important benefits protected. «Individuals will be able to have access to a range of social security benefits, including reciprocal healthcare cover and an uprated state pension». 

«Brexit deal victory: Britons WILL get access to EU healthcare on European holidays«, Daily Express, 26 | 12 | 2020 – Reportaje (Lauren O’Callaghan)Britons had expected to lose the E111 card, widely known as the EHIC card, when the Brexit transition period ended on 31 December and the UK left the EU. However, in new details released today, it has been confirmed that while the card itself will no longer be valid for UK citizens, they will get «reciprocal healthcare cover». 

«El acuerdo de la era post-Brexit que salva el precipicio pero no evita la caída«, El País, 24 | 12 | 2020 – Reportaje (Bernardo de Miguel)El acuerdo no afectará a los derechos de los más de tres millones de ciudadanos europeos residentes en suelo británico ni al millón largo de británicos en territorio de la UE. Su situación quedó zanjada por el Acuerdo de salida de la UE, vigente desde el 1 de febrero, que les garantiza de por vida el mantenimiento de los derechos adquiridos (de residencia, de trabajo, etc.). A partir del 1 de enero, sin embargo, los ciudadanos de la UE que visiten el Reino Unido solo podrán hacerlo durante un máximo de tres meses, sin derecho a trabajar o estudiar. Para estancias más largas, será necesario solicitar visado. 

«La compraventa de vivienda cae un 21,6% en lo que va de año en Alicante por el impacto del covid«, Información, 15 | 12 | 2020 – NoticiaEl hecho de que en Alicante el peso de los compradores extranjeros sea el más elevado en el territorio nacional y en la Comunidad Valenciana provoca que en este año en que las restricciones de la movilidad y el cierre de fronteras se hayan alargado en el tiempo, debido a la pandemia, ha provocado que los resultados a la baja en la provincia sean más acusados que en Valencia y en Castellón. 

«What worries British second home owners in Spain most about Brexit«, The Local, 10 | 12 | 2020 –  Reportaje (Alex Dunham)With just days for Brexit to become a reality, we spoke to Brits with property in Spain about their worries for the future in terms of time spent between both countries, higher taxes and other complications they may face come 2021.

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