Age in Spain Annual Report Welcome to our new bi-monthly newsletter. To start with this month we thought we’d share the annual report that we recently published – in video form. This looks at Age in Spain´s activity for the year from July 2020 to June 2021. Obviously, for us that period was dominated by the free residency support that we provided (and continue to provide) as part of the UKNSF. For example:• 3,391 residency enquiries were received • 2,234 residency applications were supported• 69,059 people accessed Age in Spain´s information resources

But the year wasn’t all about residency and the report also covers our Casework service (for people who find themselves in difficult circumstances) and Friendline. It also explains a little but about Age in Spain´s history and, most important of all, some of the human stories behind the work.
Annual Report Video

Age in Spain Dementia Awareness Week
 In the course of Age in Spain´s work we often come across people living with dementia in one way or another. They might be people who have dementia themselves, people who are living with and caring for a loved one in Spain or family members who live in a different country and want to know about the support that is available here. Questions around dementia come up through our residency work as well as our Casework service and these have served to emphasise just how the realities of living with dementia can be exacerbated by living in a different country, perhaps with a language barrier and where the cultural perspectives and support systems are different. 

We have come to realise that, as part of our information service, Age in Spain needs to develop resources that will help members of the English-speaking community who are living with dementia. As a first step we decided to hold a Dementia Awareness Week, beginning 20 September. This coincides with World Alzheimer´s Day on 21 September. During the week we will be sharing different perspectives on dementia and stories of how people can and do respond to the condition. It’s a vast subject and we are not setting ourselves up as experts in the field but we do feel, given our mission to help English-speaking people in Spain live their later lives to the full, that it’s a subject we need to address. The Awareness Week is just the beginning of that process. Please check out our website and Facebook page between 20 and 25 September to see a range of information from professionals and people with lived experience. If you are part of on organisation that offers dementia-related support and you would like to share information as part of our Dementia Awareness Week then email and tell us a little bit about what your organisation does.

As it says on the tin, the purpose of the week is to raise awareness.  If you are currently facing urgent issues relating to dementia we urge you to seek help through your doctor, local social services or local voluntary organisations. 

Coffee and cake fundraisers to support dementia information resources  As part of our Dementia Awareness Week (see above) beginning on 20 September, Age in Spain volunteers, supporters and staff are holding coffee and cake mornings to raise funds to develop future information resources for people living with Dementia. If you are invited to one of these events do please go along, enjoy some delicious cake and consider making a donation to help develop this area of Age in Spain´s work.

If any readers of this newsletter would be interested in hosting a Coffee and Cake morning for friends or colleagues and helping to raise funds for Age in Spain, further information is available from
The power of the human voice and human contactMargaret Mackay is a volunteer with our Friendline telephone friendship service. She has written a moving article for our website about the how the sound of the human voice has the power to evoke strong emotions and memories and how simple human interaction can bring joy in a world of automation.

Margaret´s piece goes to the heart of why Friendline is such an important service. Read the article here.
,Age in Spain residency events in September and OctoberAs our annual report video shows, we have helped thousands of UK nationals in Spain to secure their residency rights. But the job is not done yet. There are still people who qualify for residency in Spain under the terms of the UK´s Withdrawal Agreement but haven’t yet gone through the residency process. We continue to hold face-to face and online events to reach out to as many people as possible and to explore specific aspects of the residency process. For example, on the 20 September we will be holding a pop-up event at the Warriors Charity Shop in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria while on 28 September we will be holding a Facebook live session looking at the process for registering children as resident (yes they all need their own residency document, too). Check out our events page and follow us on Facebook to make sure you get the details of these and future events.

If you have a residency enquiry you can also contact us using the button below.
Residency enquiry

Moving to Spain? New Age in Spain Guide on Customs and VAT ExemptionsWe have just published a new guide that explains when and how you can apply for exemptions on duty and VAT when importing your possessions as art of a move to Spain. The guide gives an overview of the rules for people bringing their belongings to Spain from any  country that is outside of the European Union (EU), or the European Economic Area (EEA) (which of course now means the UK, as well). The guide will help you understand how the system works so that you can make the right choices about importing your possessions into Spain. You can read the guide here.

Remember that you can access all our guides on different aspects of living in Spain here.

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